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Command line tool

Up to date usage information is accessible with the command line interface by using

raincoat --help

Raincoat comments

Raincoat will detect comments in your code, that look like this :

# Raincoat: pypi package: PACKAGE_NAME==VERSION path: PATH [element: OBJECT_NAME]

Where :

  • PACKAGE_NAME is the name you would use with pip - VERSION is required (note : it can be tempting to imagine that other oprators are available besides ==, it’s not the case)

  • PATH is the path between the place where pip would install a package (usually site-packages) and the file containing the definition you want to check. It starts with the top module name (which in some cases is different from the package name, I know, it’s frustrating.)

  • OBJECT_NAME is the name of either a function, a class or a method. For methods, the expected format is ClassName.method_name

  • If element is not specified, the whole module will be analyzed.