CLI Reference

Usage: raincoat [OPTIONS] [PATH]...

  Analyze your code to find outdated copy-pasted snippets. "Raincoat has you
  covered when your code is not DRY."

  Full documentation at

  -e, --exclude TEXT             Files and folders to exclude (e.g. 'test_*')
  -c, --color / -nc, --no-color  Should output be colorized ? (default : yes
                                 for TTYs)
  -v, --verbose                  Use multiple times to increase verbosity
  -V, --version                  Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help                     Show this message and exit.

API Reference

This only is useful if you plan to implement your own set of raincoat comments with custom rules.

class raincoat.Checker(*args, **kwargs)
class raincoat.Match(filename, lineno)


class raincoat.NotMatching

Raincoat comment match was almost found but the format is slightly wrong.